Prices and conditions

(1) The following prices are given for reference only and are the base rates
for disassembled parts that are prepared, polished and ready for treatment.

These prices do not include disassembly, preparation (polishing), reassembly,
post color case hardening re-fitting and reassembly of the complete firearm.

There is no way to offer an exact quote unless the firearm is shipped to
us for evaluation. Firearms conditions can greatly affect the final price
of a job. That’s why Alain Combes can not give prices without being able
to examine your firearm.

For people living too far from the office, Alain Combes offers an
“package estimated” including estimate and return shipping
(if applicable)* for $ 60. ** This amount shall be withdrawn if the
estimate is refused by the customer. If the estimate is accepted and
the work done, this amount will be refunded. ***

Once the estimate is accepted by the customer,
a deposit of 30 % of the total amount will be required.

*For Canada only.
** excluding insurance fees. Insurance could be
contracted at the cost of $ 2.10 for each $ 100 value.
*** return shipping and insurance of firearm completed,
remain the responsibility of the customer.

-Superposed or side by side shotgun receiver : $ 275 (1)
-Sidelock side by side receiver : $ 475(1)
-Shotgun small parts : (open key, trigger guard, forend) : $ 100(1)
-Winchester or Marlin receiver (small) like mod. 1892,1894 : $ 275(1)
-Winchester receiver like 1873,1886 : $ 375(1)
-Winchester or Marlin small parts like lever, forend cap, butt plate : $ 125(1)
- Colt single action revolver receiver : $ 200(1)